Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

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Snowmobile ice scratchers originated in the mountains for long track sleds, but, given the riding conditions that the Midwest has seen in the last few years, ice scratchers are starting to look like a must have for everyone now. Ice scratchers are a great investment for anyone looking to get the most out of their sled.

They are a simple concept; if the snow is too hard or too scarce to get inside your track on its own, flip down your scratchers. The scratchers cut into the snow and send it flying up into your track and onto your slides. This is actually quite important, as your slides are lubricated with snow. This also helps to cool down your sled, which also leads to increased sled performance.

When choosing rail mounted ice scratchers, you’ll have two options: cable ice scratchers, and wire ice scratchers. Wire scratchers are the cheaper of the two options, and they do a fine job of kicking up snow, but they do have one downside; they will break if you go in reverse and forget to put them up. They are simply not meant to bend that way, and the first time you forget your scratchers are down they might be ruined.

That’s why cable ice scratchers are so popular. You can go in reverse without them breaking, and they have interchangeable tips, so if you find yourself dragging them over pavement a lot, don’t worry about it. You can just replace the tip!

The other option would be to use ski mounted ice scratchers. They are essentially the same thing, except mounted on the ski. Whether or not you should choose ski mounted or rail mounted is entirely up to you.

If you have any questions about our ice scratcher selection, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help however we can!