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When powersports first gained popularity, they presented a serious challenge. How are you supposed to protect an individual that is hurtling along at breakneck speeds with nothing but two wheels and an engine between them and the ground? This task is not one to be taken lightly. Brands like Fly Racing have risen to the occasion admirably, offering dirt bike and motorcycle riders better protection than ever before. Here at Dennis Kirk, we make a point to offer our customers nothing but the best. And these Fly Racing helmets are a great step in the right direction.

Fly MX helmets are great for more than just dirt bike riders. These helmets would be great for ATV, UTV, and snowmobile applications as well. We like to think that any of these helmets would work well for all riders, whether on skis, two wheels, or four. Of all of these helmets, we do have a favorite. The F2 Carbon MIPS helmet is a fantastic helmet packed with plenty of brilliant safety features. The ECE/DOT approved helmet is outfitted with the MIPS Brain Protection System. It’s exceptionally comfortable and weighs just barely over 3 pounds.

Whether you choose this helmet, or one of the many, many others, you really can’t go wrong. We also carry a great selection of Fly Racing Motorcycle helmets, so if you are riding the streets instead of the track, you are not out of luck yet. Place your order as soon as you can, and we will have it shipped in no time.

When you’ve given your helmet a try, come back and leave a product review. Future customers would be happy to hear your honest opinion. Thank you for shopping for Fly Racing helmets at Dennis Kirk.