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The head pipes of a motorcycle exhaust system are designed to remove exhaust gasses from the cylinders as efficiently as possible. The better the exhaust flows through the headers, the more efficient the engine can be. Stock pipes do a decent job, but they are not optimal. Aftermarket head pipes are a great choice for riders who really want to boost performance throughout the power band. You can also expect a great look over your stock pipes. And with modern pipe building technology, you can get rid of those old blue pipes and replace them with shiny new ones that will stay that way for a long time.

Though head pipes appear to be simple tubes, there actually is a lot of science behind them. The top brands are the ones who are the best at determining the proper pipe diameter, bends and length. Stepped headers go even further to better create the optimal amount of flow and backpressure. You can also expect to shave weight with many aftermarket head and mid pipes. The aftermarket pipes are constructed with lighter materials like titanium and high quality stainless steel.

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