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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 373
Road trips can get long with only the sound of wind and traffic in your ear. Being able to play your favorite tunes makes the ride more enjoyable and you can even create your own soundtrack to your ride. Not all speakers are created equally, though. The best motorcycle speakers are designed to account for the extra road noise of being on the open road and are also durable enough to handle being exposed to the elements of year round riding. The amps also need to be able to handle the vibrations of a motorcycle while still being able to efficiently produce enough power to blast your music.

No matter what you ride, any bike can be outfitted with motorcycle speakers. Handlebar mounted speakers are the most universal style and are also very simple to install. A popular option for baggers is to install or replace the hard bags lid with a speaker lid. When you install speaker lids and replace the fairing speakers, you can experience a complete stereo experience out on the road. Speakers that are designed for motorcycles compensate for road and wind noise and play at frequencies that cut through it all for the best sound quality.

A motorcycle amp provides your new speakers the power that they need to be able to compete with all of the road and wind noise. An amp will also help to eliminate any distortion and interference from the stereo, providing you with the clearest sound quality. Installing a quality motorcycle amp will also ensure that the power from your bike’s electrical system is being drawn as efficiently as possible. This will help protect and prolong the other electrical components. Many aftermarket amps are plug-and-play, which makes installation fairly easy to complete.

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