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Classic styling with modern performance has become a large trend in motorcycle design. But the Harley Softail has been running with that theme for over three decades. The Softail has all of the style and lines of a rigid frame with the performance of a motorcycle with a rear suspension. The hidden shock or sub-shock design of the Softail allows for the rigid appearance with the advantages of a rear shock. The hard mounted engine also gives the bike the feel of an old Harley as well, though the counterbalanced Twin Cams and Milwaukee Eights tame the vibration to a manageable level. The Softail line holds the heritage of the MOCO close in its DNA, but is always being improved upon to compete with modern competitors.

Though the Softail design has become tied closely to Harley, it was not dreamt up by the Harley engineering department. A die-hard Harley rigid fan named Bill Davis came up with the design in the 70’s. Davis loved the looks and style of Harley hardtails, but his back could not take the pounding anymore. He began modifying his own Harleys with the cantilever swingarm to make his bike appear like a rigid. After unsuccessfully trying to push the design as an aftermarket shop, Davis sold the design to Harley-Davidson. HD loved the design and it was exactly what they needed to help the company survive after the AMF buyout. The 84 FXST Softail would prove successful and spawn many more models to come.

For the 2018 model year, the Softail line would see a major upgrade. The rear suspension now consists of a single rear shock which is now mounted underneath the seat. The new Softails are powered by the Milwaukee Eight engine. The new chassis design is said to be far stiffer and lighter, making it far sportier than previous generations. Many of the Dyna models have now moved to the new Softail chassis and now fall under the Softail name.

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