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Most people think of cars or trucks when they think of axles, but they’re just as important on motorcycles as well. Whether connected to the fork in front or the swingarm in back, your Harley axles help keep your wheels spinning smoothly and take advantage of the power on top of your frame. We carry a wide selection of front axles, rear axles and axle parts that keep your bike running stable and strong, and look great doing it.

Take your pick of axles from the best Harley aftermarket parts manufacturers for form and function. Drag Specialties axles are made of rugged steel with gleaming chrome ends and mount flush for easy installation. U.S.-made Eastern Motorcycle axles are plated with zinc for added durability, while Paul Yaffe axles have CNC-machined end caps and a brilliant finish to turn heads. Make installation easy with Harley axle kits that contain caps, spacers, nuts and washer to beautify your wheel assembly.

Even if you already have solid axles on board, you can still upgrade your custom ride using our Harley axle parts. Axle caps and covers are a great way to add flair, and we carry everything from black front spikes axle caps to spinning zombie axle caps. Perfectly align your rear axle and swingarm using a variety of axle adjusters, including adjuster plates, axle locators and adjuster bolts. Replacement axle nuts are always handy in case of failures, and axle spacers will help you get the front and rear wheel alignment just right on a custom build.

Dennis Kirk has quality Harley axle components in stock for generations of Sportsters, Dynas, Softails, custom choppers and anything in between. And even budget-conscious riders can have premium axle parts on their machine thanks to low prices and free shipping on orders above $89. Enter your model and year into our Find Parts Fast tool and start shopping for parts and accessories that will make the center of your wheels the center of attention.