Avon Tires

Since 1885, Avon Tires has been providing top notch motorcycle tires for the discerning rider, from tires for your Harley to tires for your sport bike. Avon tires produces some of the best tires in the business, if the reviews from our customers is any indication. Dennis Kirk carries a wide range of Avon tires, from their Cobra series to the 3D Ultra Supersport, which is good enough to use on trackday in between commutes to work. If you ride exclusively on the track, we even carry the 3D Ultra Extreme to get you around the corners with speed and safety. If you are looking for improved traction in both wet and dry conditions, and enhanced handling and ride comfort, the Storm 2 Ultra is the tire for you. These as with all Avon motorcycle tires incorporate advanced technology such as variable belt density and 3D siping for the best in road handling and performance in a variety of conditions. If you are into adventure touring Avon has the Distanzia and Gripster line of tires for dual-sport and trail bikes.