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As the sport of motocross has evolved, so has the protective riding gear that the athletes wear to stay safe. One of the companies most responsible for the evolution of the protective dirt bike gear is EVS Sports. For over 30 years they have been producing braces, armor and guards that keep riders safe while they push their bikes and their bodies to the limit. In 1985, EVS launched the AMX-5 knee brace, which was the first motocross specific option available at the time. The AMX-5 was developed out of a need to protect a rider’s knees from the harsh realities of motocross. The brace allowed passionate riders to continue riding at the peak of their abilities without the worry of severe knee injuries constantly on their minds. With many of the top riders of the time wearing the AMX-5 knee brace and succeeding, the EVS brand began to rapidly grow.

Now, the EVS line of protective gear has grown to include even more pieces, including neck braces, roost guards, shoulder braces and more. The team continues to research and develop gear that protects and supports riders while at the same time is comfortable to wear and won't inhibit mobility on the bike. Motocross riders continue to push the limits and EVS is dedicated to evolving with the sport to provide the necessary equipment. The now comprehensive line from EVS has riders of all skill levels covered: from beginner to pro. So whether you’re hitting your first double or lining up for the championship, you can be confident that your EVS gear will keep you protected.

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