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At Dennis Kirk, we carry a huge selection of motorcycle batteries for all bikes. No matter what you ride and no matter what type of battery you prefer, we will have something for you. It’s that moment every rider is afraid of. With a planned day of riding ahead, you turn the key, hit the ignition and then nothing. The dead motorcycle battery has dashed plenty of rides over time. Sometimes it can be brought back, but sooner or later you will need to replace it.

The old standard is the flooded lead-acid batteries. These are very common because they are generally the least expensive option. Lead-acid motorcycle batteries come in either a sealed, maintenance free version or as a dry battery. With the dry battery, you are required to fill it with battery acid, but this does allow you maintain it over time. These batteries will require you to charge them overnight before you can go for a ride.

AGM batteries are the next step up and are an extremely popular choice. They offer a bit more durability compared to a lead-acid and also tend to by slightly smaller and lighter. AGM’s are completely sealed and are fully charged right out of the box. AGM’s are spill-proof and can actually be installed at different angles, making them perfect for custom applications. They also can be charged quite a bit faster and come fully charged out of the box.

Next in line are Gel batteries. Gel and AGM motorcycle batteries are very similar in their characteristics of durability and being spill-proof. Gel’s really excel in deep discharge applications, making it a good choice for those who forget about the battery tender. They are smaller than AGM’s and will not leak, even if the case is cracked.

With advancing technologies, the lithium-ion motorcycle battery is becoming a hard-to-beat option. Lithium motorcycle batteries are able to pack a large amount of cranking amps into a very small case. They are incredibly light and are a great option for someone looking for weight savings. Lithium options have a long life span and have a very slow self-discharge. Some of the downsides are that they cost more than all other types and are not ideal for extremely cold conditions.

With so many options available, you can choose the motorcycle battery that is best for you. Our Tech Support Team is able to answer any questions that you may have and our Shop By Ride Tool makes it easy to find all of the batteries for your bike.