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Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets

Top Selling Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmets Brands

With the explosion of dual sport riding and adventure touring over the past decade, more and more gear brands have begun creating gear that is specifically tailored towards the style. Dual sport helmets are a prime example. Manufacturers have blended full face street helmets with MX style helmets to create a hybrid that will perform in all of the unique riding conditions that an ADV rider faces. A dual sport helmet will be able to perform well in both on and off road terrains, making it the perfect design for dual sport riders.

Like MX helmets, dual sport helmets feature a peak or visor to help protect against roosts and to block out the sun. The dual sport peak, however, is designed to be far more aerodynamic so that it resists as little as possible while cruising at highway speeds. For riders who want make the helmet as aerodynamic as possible, the visors can easily be removed on most options to eliminate the resistance all together.

From the full face style, dual sport helmets also have a shield. The shields are important for protecting the eyes and face from wind and debris while riding on the highway. The shield also makes the helmet more aerodynamic and reduces wind noise. But a face shield is not ideal for off road riding. Dust can make its way into the helmet and get into your eyes, mouth and nose. To fix this, dual sport helmet shields can be lifted all of the way up to tuck under the peak so that the rider can wear goggles like on an MX helmet. The shield can also be removed all together.

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