Riding Helmets

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Riding Helmets

Your helmet is a crucial piece of gear, as it is the one piece that can have the most dramatic role in protecting you during an accident. According to the CDC, motorcycle helmets prevent up to 37% of fatalities among riders. That’s a lot of riders that could still be riding today had they chose to wear an approved helmet. We know how important your safety, visibility, and comfort are. That’s why we offer the industry’s largest selection of riding helmets for all powersports. We want you to be able to find the perfect helmet that fits your style and keeps you protected.

We carry all of the top brands you trust for safe, high-quality performance helmets like Shoei helmets, Icon helmets, Bell helmets and HJC helmets and dozens more. We also carry a full complement of helmet types, including modular helmets, full face, MX Style, dual sport, half helmets, and open face helmets. You can choose from more than 200 colors and 400 graphic styles with helmet sizes in kids, women, men, small to XXXXX-Large. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here at Dennis Kirk.

Motorcycle Helmets- For all of the different styles of motorcycles and riding styles, there is a wide variety of helmet styles for each one. Choose Full face helmets for maximum protection. Modular for the convenience. And open and half helmets allow you to feel the wind on your face.

Offroad Helmets- Riding offroad presents a different set of demands and the MX style helmet is the best option to meet them. By using goggles, dust is prevented from blowing into the eyes. MX style helmets also provide a great field of view, excellent ventilation and a visor to protect against roosts and sun glare.

Snowmobile Helmets- Helmets for snowmobiling are similar to both motorcycle and offroad helmets but with special features to help prevent fogging. Double lens shields and goggles resist fog build up like a dual pane window. Breath guards channel the rider’s breath away from the shield or lens. Electric shields can be added to heat the shield to prevent fogging to an even further extent.

Quick Tips: How to Buy a Powersports Helmet

  1. Check safety ratings. DOT standards are required for street legal use. SNELL requirements offer the highest, independent safety standards.
  2. Find the right fit for your head. Most riders wear a helmet that is too large for them. Measure your head with a cloth tape at the largest portion of your head and cross reference that measurement against the size chart for the brand. Sizes differ by manufacturer, so test what works for you!
  3. Select the best helmet style for your ride. Full face helmets offer the most protection and coverage, but many prefer more access, a greater field of vision, and a lighter style such as a modular, open face or half helmet.
  4. Remember: Most powersports helmets should be replaced every five years since their protective qualities degrade over time.

Learn more from our motorcycle helmet buying guide.

We have fitment guides for almost every helmet brand we carry, so be sure to check them out as well. Remember that we have the best return policy in the business too. So you'll be able to shop in confidence knowing that you'll end up with a great helmet and the perfect fit. If you need some advice, our tech department is standing by to lend you a hand too. Don't forget on orders over $89 you'll receive free shipping as well.