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Motorcycle Rain Gear

Getting caught in the rain can put a damper on your riding fun. No one likes to get wet and cold and then have to continue riding on. Proper motorcycle rain gear can not only keep you dry when the skies open up, but it can also allow you to keep on riding comfortably until you reach your destination. There are a few different styles to choose from, giving everyone an option.

Waterproof/breathable rain gear is the best option for keeping you dry, not only from the rain, but from your own perspiration as well. The breathable fabrics used in this style of suit allow air and water mist to escape without allowing water droplets to enter, which will keep you dry. Frogg Toggs and garments made with Gore-Tex are great examples of waterproof/breathable rain gear.

For more cost-friendly rain gear, check out PVC coated rain gear. This is the most common style of gear available. With proper venting, this style works great to keep you dry and can be very durable. It does tend to be a bit heavier than the waterproof/breathable styles.

You’ll find the best selection of motorcycle rain gear at Dennis Kirk, whether you’re looking for a cost-friendly emergency suit or a high end suit that will let you ride all day in the rain. With our great prices and fast shipping, there is no reason not to have a rain suit in your bags for your next ride.

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