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Motorcycle wheels and rims come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate all of the different styles of bikes and riding. Unlike many other aftermarket upgrades that add performance, aftermarket wheels are almost purely a style upgrade. But they can also have the most dramatic effect on the style of your bike as they are often one of the first things that onlookers see. Of course, rims and spokes can be damaged and need replacing too. With new spokes, hubs, axles and more to fix up your rim assembly, you can have your wheel running true again for a smooth and safe ride.

As modern machining techniques have continued to evolve, the designs of motorcycle wheels have become almost endless. CAD design and CNC machining allow wheel manufacturers to design and engineer perfectly balanced wheels with unique one piece styles. Forged wheels offer superior strength as well. Brands like Performance Machine, RC Components and RSD are all leading the way in custom wheel designs that are sure to give your bike the look that you want.

Of course there is still a place for spoked rims. A wheel with spokes is lighter and can flex far more than a solid wheel. That is essential for offroad and MX riding where the rim will be impacting over hard, uneven terrain. Spokes and nipples do wear out over time, though and need to be replaced. That is same with axles and hubs and all other wheel and tire accessories. You want to be sure that you are using quality components when fixing your wheel so you can depend on the assembly the next time that you ride.

You will find a great selection of custom motorcycle wheels and aftermarket rim components and accessories at Dennis Kirk for the lowest guaranteed prices. We have everything you need to be rolling in style and safely down the road. By using the Shop By Ride selector at the top of the page, you can find all of the exact fitments for your motorcycle. If you want to swap sizes or are unsure of what components you need, feel free to contact our Tech Support Team to have all of your questions answered.