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Any tire that is referred to as “all-terrain” could probably be considered perfect for any ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). But, even in the all-terrain tire market, there is plenty of variation in features like tread, ply rating, shape, and size. Don’t be discouraged by the number of variables. With our assistance and advice, you’ll be mounting the perfect tires on your ATV in no time.

The easiest attribute to consider is the tread. All-terrain tires are made for all kinds of terrain. However, if you find that you spend the vast majority of your time on a specific type of terrain, like mud, sand, or a race track, you should consider a more specialized tire. Assuming that you still want an all-terrain tire, we’ll continue.

Ply rating is another point to consider. The higher the ply rating, the more layers of rubber there are in the tire. While this adds weight, this will also make the tire stiffer, and will give it a more responsive feel.

Now we’re going to talk about shape. Save the sarcastic comments, we aren’t talking about a square wheel. We are talking about the curvature of the tire when viewed from the front. A tire with a more flat profile is better suited for hard packed trail, while a rounded off tire will work better on softer terrain.

Tire size is also important. Your ATV has been optimized for a certain tire size, and a drastic increase or decrease in tire size can put serious strain on your drive train. If you make a large change in tire size, make sure that you make the necessary alterations to your suspension and drivetrain.

Taking these points into consideration should lead you right to the perfect tire. Once you’ve found what you’ve come for, place your order! We’ll have it shipped and waiting at your door in no time. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.