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Skid Lids Helmets

If you are the type of motorcycle rider who loves to ride without a helmet, there are alternatives to tickets for when you are driving in a state that requires them. The half helmets made by Skid Lids all meet or exceed U.S. Department of Transportation standards. But they’re as easy on the head as they are on the eyes. At Dennis Kirk, we carry lots of Skid Lids original motorcycle half helmets in many sizes and designs so you can find exactly the right hard hats to fit your head as well as your taste.

Since 2000, Skid Lids has been making motorcycle brain buckets for those who would prefer not to wear them. The lively assortment of colors and graphics on these innovative helmets can make them acceptable to even the most dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist non-helmet-wearing motorcycle rider. If you are a helmet-wearing rider who’s concerned about someone who isn’t, these helmets also make a great gift for that reluctant fellow rider. They’re easy to wear and look at and might even save someone from injury or death someday.

Dennis Kirk carries Skid Lids helmets ranging in size from S to XXL, so you are sure to find one to fit just about any size head. Featuring a thermoplastic alloy injected shell, these helmets come complete with retention straps with D-rings. Weighing just over 2 pounds, these contoured helmets have a low-profile fit and boast a clean, minimalist style.

You will find plenty of designs to please even the most reluctant motorcycle helmet wearer. Those who like chrome domes should check out the Skid Lids chrome model. You’ll find Skid Lids helmets with patriotic eagle designs as well as classic biker designs such as skulls and bones and iron crosses. Browse our collection and you’ll want to try one on. Our customer satisfaction guarantee means you can’t go wrong.