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The trusty DR-Z. Though it hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years, the Suzuki DR-Z has garnered a very loyal following. Riders of the DR-Z know how versatile and dependable the bike can be. Whether you use it as a dual sport, super moto or as a commuter, you know that your bike is in a class of its own. In the dual sport world, it is a great option for riders who want to be nimble with enough power to pull through and over all obstacles and terrain. As a supermoto, the SM is quick and can handle the city commute with ease.

The Suzuki DR-Z is a great bike right out of the box. But one of the reasons riders love it so much it that it can be easily modded into your dream bike. Whether you are modding your bike or just maintaining it, you need to have access to great aftermarket parts. At Dennis Kirk, you will find just that. Perform the famous “3x3” mod with quality carburetor jets. Add a little power and torque with a new exhaust, crankshaft, camshaft and big bore kit. Get the best hookup with the right tires for the terrain/roads that you ride on most.

You will find the best selection of Suzuki DR-Z parts and accessories for the lowest guaranteed prices. We keep the most in stock and ready to ship to you the same day that you order. That way, you can get back out riding as soon as possible. And when your order is over $89, we will ship it to you for free. Use our Ride Selector at the top of the page to find all of the parts that fit your specific ride. And if you have any questions about which Suzuki DR-Z parts are right for you and your machine, feel free to contact our knowledgeable Tech Team.