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When it comes to looking to increased sled performance, a great place to look is at your snowmobile’s carbides. Pairing the right carbide with your sled, riding style, and riding conditions is the key to ensuring a great riding experience. Luckily for you, we happen to carry all the variety that you could ever need.

Snowmobile wear rods vary in many ways, but the most common and prominent variations can be seen in the length, angle, and number of wear bars.

Length is very important when picking a carbide. Generally, the longer the carbide, the more they will grip. However, more grip isn’t always better. What you want to find is a good ratio between track length, studs, and carbide length. The longer the track and the more studs you have, the longer the carbide you need. That being said, a 4 or 6-inch carbide should do nicely for the majority of riders, while 8-10-inch wear rods are typically best for anyone racing or with an aggressive track/stud setup.

Changing the angle of your carbide can also affect how much bite you get around a turn. The two most common angles are 60 degrees and 90 degrees. 60 degrees offers more bite but is only necessary for anyone racing. 90 degrees still offers plenty of bite, and because the angle is less sharp, they also last longer, making them a much better buy for the majority of riders.

Another option that has been becoming popular are snowmobile skegs with two carbides per ski. By having two wear rods side by side on each ski, you can decrease darting while out trail riding. If you find your skis constantly dragging to stay in the tracks already on the trail, this might be a great option for you.

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