Snowmobile Handguards

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Riding a snowmobile is fun, or you wouldn’t be doing it — unless you’re someone who depends for your livelihood on a sled, of course. Either way, snowmobiling can sometimes be dangerous, and it is nearly always cold. Snowmobile handguards make a good safeguard for your hands, especially if you ride in wooded areas where hitting even small branches and twigs on a frigid day at a fast speed can feel like icicles being driven down into your palms. A quality pair of handguards might even save you a trip to the hospital if you accidentally crash into a tree. No bones about it — a good pair of snowmobile handguards can more than pay back their cost in the comfort they provide and the potential doctor’s bills they save.

If you are searching for handguards for snowmobile use, look no further than Dennis Kirk. We stock hundreds of handguards, mounts and accessories to fit a wide range of handlebars and snowmobiles. Using these products can help you ride with confidence in the coldest conditions and in thickly forested areas.

If you have been disappointed with the stock mounts and handguards on your sled, check out our high-quality handguards. They are tough and built to withstand the kind of abuse that snowmobiling can dish out. The PowerMadd series of handguards and mounts we carry have been particularly popular with our customers. They are tough and will help keep your hands warm even in subzero weather. Browse our entire collection to pick out the handguards that work from you. Choose from lightweight plastic or rugged aluminum.

We have handguards and mounts to fit all makes of snowmobile. Dennis Kirk also carries all the accessories you need to set these products up the way you want, including extension kits, adapter kits and clamps.