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Heated Snowmobile Gear

Closeout Snowmobile Heated Apparel

Snowmobiling can provide you loads of surprises and adventures, but there will always be one constant: plenty of cold. At Dennis Kirk, we stock a big assortment of snowmobile electric clothing and accessories to keep you warm on even the most frigid days so you can stay and play in the snow longer and stronger.

We carry heated snowmobile clothing for men and women. This apparel is available in all styles, sizes and prices so you can find exactly the right electric apparel to suit your body and your budget. Our snowmobile heated clothing gives you warmth where you need it most. We have your extremities covered with heated gloves that keep your fingers nimble in even the coldest weather and socks that will let you keep in touch with your toes during subzero freezes. Check out our electric vests for maintaining body heat in your body core. For those really cold days, consider one of our electric heated jackets or pant liners to layer up your defenses.

You will find electric clothing here from all the major makers, including Joe Rocket, Atomic Skin and Mobile Warming. Dennis Kirk also has heat controllers that let you adapt your electric clothes to whatever the weather is doing. You can adjust the temperature in your clothes no matter how often or suddenly the temperature outside changes.

In addition, Dennis Kirk carries all the electric clothing accessories you need to get the most out of this apparel. We have single and dual battery packs to keep a steady supply of warmth in your electric threads. Dennis Kirk also carries battery charges to make sure you never run out of juice. In addition, we have all the cables, adapters and other accessories you need to set up your electric clothing heating system exactly the way you want for maximum efficiency and convenience.