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Handlebar risers are one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to improve your riding experience. Some sleds will come stock with handlebar risers that’ll suit your needs; but, the vast majority won’t. That’s why we’re here! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to stock up an awesome selection of snowmobile handlebar risers that will fit perfectly on your sled. But, before you pick up a handlebar riser, there are a couple points to consider.

The first point to consider is how high you CAN go. This depends on whether or not you are willing to extend the cables on your current set-up. For most sleds, the highest you can go without extending the cables is right around three inches, but it will vary from sled to sled. The easiest way to check how high you can go is to free up your handlebars and measure how high you can lift them before the cables run out of slack! Simple, fast, and effective. Of course, if you are planning to swap out the cables, then this measurement won’t be needed!

The next point to consider is how high you WANT to go. We wish we could give you a magic number, but it’s not quite that simple. It really comes down to feel. If we were going to try and give you a general height that most people like, we would say that they tend to like handlebars that settle a bit below their belly button when standing. But, like we said, it’s all about what feels best to you.

We hope that these little tips are of some use to you. Once you’ve decided which risers will suit you best, place your order. We will have it shipped as soon as we can, hopefully today. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.