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A seat is probably not the first upgrade that you thought of when you bought your new UTV. You didn’t bring it home and then call up your buddies to tell them about the hardcore comfy seats you wanted to put in your new toy. But, after a few long rides, you might have realized that your OEM UTV seats are not all that comfortable. That’s what brought you here, and that’s why we are here: To make sure that you get the best UTV seat for your needs.

Having the right UTV seat can completely transform your riding experience. You might have finished your rides incredibly sore and tired before, but with the right seat you’ll finish feeling light and ache free. It largely depends on the seat that you’ve been sitting in.

Our favorite brand is ROR Brands Stitch performance seats. These seats are made of marine-grade vinyl and high quality foam to help ensure the most comfortable ride possible. They are vented to allow water sand and dirt through, and they have slightly lipped sides to keep you snugly in place without impeding your ability to get in and out. These seats are a great value.

If you aren’t here for a seat, only a seat cover, thank you for bearing with us. You probably didn’t have a lot of interest in the last paragraph, but now we're diving into your favorite part: our seat covers. Our seat covers come in both black and camouflage, and with such a wide selection, you can bet that one of them will fit your UTV. We also have a seat heating system. For those of you that use your UTV for plowing snow, you might find that a heated seat will make the job much more comfortable.

Upgrading your seats are a great way to improve the quality of your riding experience. We are so eager to help that our warehouse staff is standing by, waiting to get your order out the door as soon as they can. We hope you like your product, thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.