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Let us guess. You’re sitting in the middle of a swamp, UTV half buried in mud. Your buddy is looping around to hook up the winch, but in the meantime, you are having serious doubts about the tires you currently have on your UTV. They managed to get you in deep, but they didn’t get you out. If you are looking for a set of tires that will put this problem to rest, you are in the right place. We have a massive selection of UTV mud tires that are perfectly suited for your favorite mud pit.

Mud tires are specialized for the soft, squishy swamps that we ride in by adding tall, thick tread that will function like a little shovel as you plow through the depths. However, this same tread that is so effective in the soft mud is less than optimal on hard packed trails. So, if you find that you ride on both kinds of terrain, it might be wise to find a happy medium in your tread style and size.

Another point to consider is tire size. Larger tires can offer you greater clearance, but they can also add strain to your drivetrain, and if you go too large there is a very good chance that you break some component of your UTV’s drivetrain and suspension. If you aren’t willing to make other changes to your UTV, then changing your tire size by more than a couple inches is ill-advised.

If you have taken our advice into account but you still have questions, ask us! We are happy to help however we can. And once you’ve found the right tire, go ahead and place your order. Our warehouse team is standing by, eager to ship your order as soon as they can. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.