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A good set of skid plates and guards are a worthwhile investment for your UTV. Riding your UTV offroad without any skid plates or A-arm guards would be like signing your child up for hockey but not buying them any hockey pads. Your child would be tragically under equipped for the task at hand, and you certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they got hurt. If you go out tearing over stumps and rocks, would you be surprised if one of them smashed up your A-arm or CV axle? The way we see it, you can either invest in the proper protective equipment now, or invest in a replacement for whatever you broke later. If you can’t tell, skid plates and guards are something that we are pretty passionate about. That’s why we’ve put together the best inventory of them on the market today.

Our skid plates can take a hit. They’re made of aluminum with thick, durable construction. These plates will block rocks and boulders from hitting your UTV with a satisfying clang. Every time you hear it, a smug grin will creep across your face as you know you’ve just dodged a bullet.

The same can be said of our A-arm and CV boot guards. Their clever construction means they won’t inhibit your driving ability, and their construction is a great combination of lightweight strength. They’ll function perfectly to maintain the integrity of your CV boots; keeping the lubrication in and the mud and dirt out.

We hope we’ve convinced you to invest in some armor for your UTV. If we haven’t convinced you, we also sell A-arms and CV boots! Think of us for your next replacement. If you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to ask. We just want to help however we can! Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.