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UTV Axles

Axles are probably not the first thing that came to mind when you thought of upgrading your UTV. But, when you buy a lift kit or large tires, new axles become something of a necessity. That’s why we make sure to keep a great variety of UTV axles on hand, so that we can keep your UTV running strong, no matter what upgrades you might in place.

If you drive a fully stock UTV, then you should be just fine using one of our standard aftermarket axles. These axles are a great value and they should fit your UTV and your needs quite nicely.

If you have aftermarket parts on your UTV, you should consider switching to heavy duty axles. Heavy duty axles are made bigger, stronger, and more flexible, meaning they can handle the stress of your big tires and won’t bind with your lift kit.

The most obvious sign that you need heavy duty axles is when you break a stock axle. You’ll hear a loud popping noise followed by clicking while you turn. That sound is the sound of your UTV telling you to buy stronger axles.

One heavy duty axle that can really hold its own is the Moose Heavy Duty Voodoo Axle. These axles have 45 degrees of articulation, meaning your CV joints won’t bind. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also outfitted this axle with a slip spine that enables it to extend or shrink by a full two inches. These axles were literally made for you riders with lift kits or long travel suspension.

Whatever CV axle you choose, make sure that you remember to keep an eye on your CV boot. The boot is the rubber casing around the joint, and if this boot tears and goes untended, you’re axles will be on the fast track to the junkyard. A quick peek under your UTV every once in a while could save you a lot of money!

We hope that you’ve found our advice useful, and we hope that you find the right UTV axle for you. You can use the Ride Selector at the top of the page to find all of the options that fit your specific ride. Our warehouse team is standing by, ready to ship your axles out as soon as they can.