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When it’s time to head off the road for a day of hauling, transporting or good old-fashioned adventuring, your UTV needs to be up to the task. This means preparing you and your prized machine for any conditions – poor weather, messy terrain, fellow riders and everything in between. Dennis Kirk stocks a broad selection of UTV accessories to ensure a great day of riding for you and your passenger. With our Find Parts Fast tool, you can easily locate the side-by-side accessories that will add to your next outing.

We have everything for both inside and outside the cockpit to keep you moving forward. Order UTV rearview mirrors and side mirrors to increase awareness of your surroundings and see when vehicles or wildlife are approaching. These wide-angle mirrors are made from shatter-proof glass, and you can get mirrors with ball-joint sockets for numerous viewing angles. A Moose roof or Kolpin sport roof attaches to the roll bars to protect you from rain and snow, and a UTV rear windshield will keep wind and debris from sneaking into the cab. And you’ll stay plenty warm on those days with a toasty UTV cab heater.

You’re probably carrying a lot with you when you head into the woods, and we have the right accessories to maximize your load. A side-by-side cargo bed rack mounts above the bed to increase carrying capacity, while special bottomless bed racks increase stability for large items. We also have door bags, roll cage bags, saddle boxes, gun cases, chainsaw holders and other storage to securely carry everything you need. We even have UTV door kits to make sure anything in the driver’s compartment stays there.

Sometimes riding isn’t just about making the most power, and we have quality from Kolpin; Moose, Vertically Driven Products, Seizmik and other companies who know the little things can make a big difference. We stand behind all the UTV products we sell with expert customer service, low prices and no-hassle returns so you get what you need when you need. Shop our inventory today.