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If you’re constantly pushing your motorcycle engine to the limits, then a lot of heat is going to come with it. But with a Jagg oil cooler, you can keep your engine cool for lasting red-hot performance. For more than 25 years, Jagg has been designing and manufacturing high-quality oil cooling systems for Harleys and V-Twins from their Ohio headquarters. Their unmatched combination of flow, performance and reliability will make your favorite steel horse last for years even under the toughest conditions. Dennis Kirk’s selection of Jagg oil coolers and accessories are an ideal add-on for racers, custom builders and those who always go to the max.

We have a number of advanced Jagg oil cooler kits to fit your motorcycle and mounting options, including 6-row kits, 10-row kits, vertical frame-mount kits, horizontal low-mount kits and both wide-line and slim-line kits. You can also find fan-assisted oil cooler kits that are effective in traffic. Each kit includes all hoses, filter adapters, clamps and other hardware for installation. Jagg oil cooling systems use brazing technology, a metal-joining process that they’ve found can also assist with heat transfer and dissipation. Brazed turbulators in each oil passageway gently stir your oil, which allow more heat to dissipate for better cooling. Air fins equipped with mini-louvers then transfer the heat away from the engine for red-hot performance.

If any hardware goes missing or gets damaged, we have replacement adapter gaskets, hose clamps and other accessories. And if you want a racy look to match what’s under the hood, you can add a braided hose upgrade kit with reinforced pitch black or gleaming chrome hoses. A U.S.-made Jagg oil cooling system will keep your engine running cool for years to come, and with free same-day shipping on all Jagg systems, Dennis Kirk will get you set up at affordable prices. Use our fitment tool to find the right oil cooler for your ride and lower the thermometer under your hood.