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When you’re leading a howling pack of riders on a hot July day, your Harley still needs to stay cool on the inside. An engine that gets too hot will quickly lose power and have a shortened lifespan – not to mention make the ride very uncomfortable for the pilot. If you’re making a lot of horsepower under the hood or live in a warm climate, you’ll want to check out our selection of Harley cooling systems and accessories for reducing engine temperatures.

For riders with air-cooled engines, constant airflow is essential. When you’re stopped or bogged down in traffic, this flow stops and can cause a hasty temperature rise. Love Jugs V-Twin cooling systems and JIMS cylinder head coolers solve this problem by aiming high-velocity fans directly at source of your engine heat. By keeping air flowing, you’ll enjoy cooler engine and oil temperatures, along with the higher horsepower and longer engine life that comes with them. Multiple models, finishes and mounting options are available.

If you have a Harley with a radiator-cooled engine or run an oil cooler, we have a number of accessories to keep your system in top shape. Aluminum mesh cooler guards will protect your radiator or oil cooler from rocks and other debris. Line and hose connecting ends are a common leak point, and we have radiator hose clamps and oil line clamps to keep these connections sealed. Radiator caps, hose kits, finishers and other accessories will help your main cooling components do their job so you can enjoy your ride.

Our Harley cooling system components are made by the world’s best manufacturers such as Motion Pro, NAMZ, Goodridge and Moose, yet are affordably priced so any rider can stay cool. All orders over $89 ship the same day at no charge, and we offer no-hassle returns on unused parts for up to 90 days with no questions asked. Find your dream cooling system today to keep both you and your bike running comfortably in any weather.