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Besides holding the fuel that gets you and your Harley where you want to go, your H-D gas tank also is a part of your hog that most people will check out. If you want to separate your Harley from the herd, it’s easy to do so with a custom gas tank that will really put a tiger in your tank. At Dennis Kirk, we carry a big selection of Harley-Davidson gas tanks, caps, gauges and accessories that will put you at the head of the pack.

Our custom gas tanks are made by leading manufacturers like Kustomwerks, V-Twin Manufacturing, Paughco and many more. If you have been looking for a gas tank for sale that won’t break the bank, these aftermarket products will give you significant savings while also providing you top quality. You can find gas tanks in all kinds of styles, such as Fat Bob, Narrow Mustang, Lynx and many more to get exactly the type of look you’re seeking to project.

Of course, a gas tank wouldn’t be complete without a gas cap, and Dennis Kirk offers hundreds of Harley-Davidson gas caps. You can further customize your bike with chrome or black gas caps, locking gas caps and gas caps with unique designs such as skulls or gold insignia proclaiming your allegiance to the biker life.

Naturally, you also need oil to run your Harley, and Dennis Kirk can supply you with oil tanks, filler spouts, dipsticks, oil temperature gauges and other items to remake the look or just replace the components of your engine lubrication system. Whether you’re changing your gas tank, oil tank or something else, we also have all the accessories you need to do the job right, such as brackets, bushings, screws and universal tank mounting hardware.