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From fork to swingarm, there are a lot of fluids, gases and fumes flowing through your Harley. Each of them has a specific path to follow, and if they stray from that path – whether into other fluids or onto the ground – it can have disastrous consequences. That’s why we have a broad inventory of Harley gaskets and Harley seals to keep every nook and cranny of your engine, drivetrain and exhaust system leak-free. The metal parts in your bike rarely have the flexibility to hold a reliable seal on their own, and these simple, inexpensive gaskets are the key to any trouble-free outing.

Whether they’re made from thin stainless steel, carbon graphite, rubber or silicone, all gaskets and seals share a common goal: to plug the gaps in your machine. Your engine has a lot of separate parts, and we have the hardware to connect them all. Find Genuine James head gaskets, Cometic camshaft cover gaskets, S&S Cycle oil pump gaskets and much more to keep your engine running smoothly. For preventing dangerous exhaust fume leaks, we offer exhaust valve gaskets, exhaust port gaskets and intake manifold seals. And shifting will always go smoothly when you use high-performance transmission end cover gaskets, shifter shaft seals and gear oil seals. The Find Parts Fast tool makes it easy to sort through the hundreds of gaskets and seals and get the right ones for your Sportster or Shovelhead.

If you’re planning a rebuild, we offer a number of complete Harley gasket kits. Find top end and bottom end gasket kits, rocker box gasket sets, transmission gasket kits and others with all the seals you need for a job well done. These Harley components are the same ones used by our passionate mechanics and riders, and for nearly 50 years we’ve been helping fellow enthusiasts select the best ones. Call or email us today to learn more about what a good Harley gasket set can do for you.