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XK Glow LED Lights

LED lights will turn your ordinary machine into an eye-catching wonder. XK Glow has dedicated themselves to producing the very best LED accent lights and headlights for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and more. XK Glow has set themselves apart from all of the other LED companies by evolving their technology to the highest level. Their LED accent lights can be controlled via smartphone app, which provides you with absolute control over color selection, patterns and zones. XK Glow’s color selection is incredibly accurate and will display the exact colors that you expect. The Smart Brake function lights up all of the accent lights bright red when the brakes are applied, making you unmissable. The light kit also acts as a beacon and will display your vehicle’s location on your smartphone. The plug-n-play installation allows you to install their light kits quickly and with ease.

XK Glow LED lights are made to be extremely efficient and bright. Compared to standard incandescent bulbs, LEDs use 1/10th of the required power. They are also able to withstand the extreme vibration found on powersport vehicles because they do not have filaments that can fail. LEDs also run much cooler and are far smaller, making them the perfect choice to use as hidden accent lights around your machine.

At Dennis Kirk, you will find the best selection of XK Glow LED light kits for the lowest guaranteed prices. We keep everything in stock and ready to ship to you the same day that you order so you can be back out riding with your machine all lit up as soon as possible. And when your order is over $89, we will ship it to you absolutely free. Also feel free to contact our Tech Team if you have any questions on which XK Glow light kit is best for you and your machine or if you’re wondering what all goes into the installation process.