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One thing that we have found in our time as a supplier of Harley parts and accessories is that riders are very particular about their windshields. This is how it should be; your windshield not only affects your bike’s aesthetic, it affects performance, and you’re riding experience. If you are here looking through our selection of Windvest windshields, you are in the right place. Windvest makes a great selection of motorcycle windshields for our customers to choose from.

For Windvest, it all began back in 1989. After an excessively bug-filled ride back from Sturgis, the founder of Windvest took it upon themselves to make a windshield of their own. After years of perfecting their craft, you see the selection here in front of you, the selection we know and love.

Windvest makes a wide range of windshields, with most being fitted for either Harleys or Victory motorcycles. They can be found in a variety of heights, ranging from minimal four inch windshields all the way to a full 16 inches of coverage. They can also be found in a wide range of tints and shades. Whether you want a clear windshield, smokey, or black, Windvest will have what you need.

The easiest way to find the motorcycle windshield that you came for is by using the categories! This is a great way to cater the search results to your needs. When you have done so and found the windshield that you came for, place your order. We will have it shipped out as soon as we can, and if your Harley’s windshield costs more than $89, we will even do it for free. This is just how we take care of our customers here at Dennis Kirk.