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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons to love motocross. But, “it’s a safe and low risk hobby” is NOT one of them. Whenever the goal is to go faster than the next person, limits are going to be pushed, and when you are screaming along on bike, pushing those limits is not without its risks. You know the risks, and they haven’t slowed you down. This is why you need Thor protective gear. That way, you will know that you have done everything you can to protect yourself in the instance of a crash.

Thor makes everything you’ll need to be fully protected. They make roost deflectors, knee guards, elbow guards, and more. Pairing these together will offer you priceless protection in the instance of a crash. These products can be found in mens, womens, and youth sizes, in a variety of colors and styles. We are confident that their selection will have something for everyone.

The most popular product in our selection are the Thor Guardian MX roost deflectors. They have an adjustable waist and level one back protectors. The chest panel is constructed with energy dispersing panels and is fitted with strategically placed vents. All of this, paired with bio-foam shoulder pads. The coverage offered is comfortable and comprehensive; a worthy piece of gear for weekend warriors and professionals alike.

When you have all of the Thor protective gear that you will ever need, place your order! We will ship it out as soon as we can, so that you can put that gear to work! We hope that it serves you well, and we hope that you never have to test its durability. Thank you for buying your Thor protective gear at Dennis Kirk.