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If you have ever attempted to ride without gloves, then you know that they are not optional. Even if you don’t plan on taking a spill, the rocks kicked up by the bike in front of you come at you with enough force to take the skin off your knuckles. We know that you probably plan to spend your next race in first place, and you don’t expect this to be a problem. All the same, going without any MX gloves would be ill-advised. Here at Dennis Kirk, we want only the best for our customers. That’s why we stocked a great selection of Thor gloves for our customers to choose from.

Motocross gloves offer a multitude of benefits, and the benefits that you are after will depend on where you ride and personal preference. Here are a few points to consider as you find the perfect pair. The gloves can offer a little bit of warmth, but they are generally well ventilated, and are meant to keep you cool, not warm. They can be waterproof, but, if you don’t plan on getting wet, this is completely unnecessary. The gloves are typically not padded on the palm, because any extra material will take away from your grip. Grip is one of the main goals of these gloves, along with protection of the back of your hand. These features and designs can be found in different variations throughout the Thor MX glove inventory.

Our favorite glove offered on this page is the Thor Terrain Glove. The glove offers great knuckle and back of hand protection while staying well ventilated thanks to its mesh construction. The fingers are made with stretch mesh to allow flexing in the joints, and the gloves are even touch screen compatible. The team at Thor has thought of everything so that you can ride comfortably and confidently.

When you have found the perfect glove for you, place your order! Our warehouse team will ship your order the same day it is placed. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.