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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 78
Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 78
At Dennis Kirk, we have the best selection and prices on Thor boots for you. Having good motocross boots will not only keep you protected, but they can also improve your riding. Thor MX boots and ATV boots will give the best protection and control over your machine so you can push the limits.

Thor motocross boots are designed to support your ankle and protect the rest of your foot, shin and calve from impact. Thor boots are durable and designed to hold up to the abuse that the best MX riders can dish out. The toes of the boots are rugged all around for dragging and shifting. Your feet will not only be protected, but also comfortable in Thor boots. They are designed to be temperature resistant and the mesh liner creates massive airflow without sacrificing comfort. For even more comfort when you are riding, throw on a pair of Thor socks that will wick the moisture away and give you the cushioning that you need.

When you are an experienced rider, you know how to use your boots to control your bike on the track. Thor MX boots are created to allow you to have the most grip on your bike. The heat shield on Thor boots are grippy as well as heat resistant. You will be able to throw your bike around more easily when you have control with your legs.

Don't forget to check out our main Thor Gear brand page when you've finished shopping for your next pair of Thor MX boots.