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When it comes to your motorcycle, it’s all about the details. A well rounded custom bike goes beyond the typical aftermarket editions; the exhaust, the wheels, the handlebars. It goes a step further and delves into even the tiniest details because you want nothing but the best. Here at Dennis Kirk, this is something that we know all too well. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you achieve your dream bike by stocking all of the parts that you could ever need.

When we said “All the parts you could ever need”, we meant it. All the way down to your spark plug wires. Sumax has been designing high quality wiring since 1983, and since then, they have developed a wide array of colors for their customers to choose from. No matter what kind of style you might have in mind for your Harley, Sumax will have some colored spark plug wires to match.

They make more than just colorful spark plug wires! They also make parts like saddlebag mount brackets. They are made right here in the United States and have a powder coat finish. These quality parts would serve you well.

There are a lot of plug wires on this page, but only a fraction of them will fit your bike. To look at only the parts that will fit your bike, tell us what you are riding! Fill out the fields at the top of the screen where it says “Find Parts Fast”, then leave the rest to us.

When you’ve found everything you need, place your order. We’ll ship it out the very same day, and if it comes out to more than $89, we’ll ship them for free. This is how we take care of our customers here at Dennis Kirk.