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If you think running out of gas on the road is a pain, then you should try running out of gas on the trail. You’re bringing up the rear of your little caravan, and suddenly, your UTV dies for a second, then it lurches back for a half second before dying completely. You look down at your gas gauge, disbelief on your face as your comrades disappear in a cloud of dust. You check your phone. No service. You realize that it’s time to go full survivor mode, and you step off the trail and start to gather wood for a fire. You tear apart your machine and rig up your spark plug to start a fire on some birch bark. It’s at about this time that you see your friends cruising towards you, and you check the time, wondering how many days it’s been since you were abandoned. It’s been 23 minutes. You realize you might have overreacted, and vow to carry a reserve fuel pack with you for the rest of your life.

Maybe this story sounds like your own ordeals, and maybe not. Regardless, we firmly believe that you should be carrying a fuel pack. Mistakes happen, and when you make the mistake of running out of fuel, you’ll be glad to have this safety net.

The staff at Rotopax is all too aware of both the importance and burden associated with carrying extra fuel, and they have done their best to design a tank that is both easy to store and capable of holding substantial fuel reserves.

These packs can even be paired with mounts made specifically for these gas cans, making their storage exceptionally secure and easy.

Rotopax fuel packs are a must-carry for any long distance trail riders. If this sounds like you, grab one. You’ll be glad that you did.