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It’s a love affair. Your Harley might not be perfect, but it will be. When you first got this bike, it didn’t look like much. A pile of rusted parts and sun worn leather. But, bolt by bolt, you’ve built this bike with your own vision, a custom bike of your own design. Whether you’ve built your bike from scratch, or you’re just modifying a new one, you are in the right place. Power House Harley parts are a high quality, low price for option for motorcycle fanatics.

Power House makes a wide variety of parts for a wide range of bikes. From drag pipes, to tappet assemblies, to compression release valves, the selection is quite diverse. But, it’s important to remember that the majority of these parts won’t fit your bike. Most, if not all of these parts, are fitment specific. To find out which of these parts will fit your ride, just tell us what kind of bike you have! Tell us your make, model, and year at the top of the screen where it says “Find Parts Fast”. We will then get rid of all the powerhouse parts that won’t fit your bike, leaving you with only the relevant parts in front of you.

Even the most seasoned mechanics might have questions when working on their bikes. We can’t answer all of your questions, but we would hate to leave you with questions about a part that we carry. If you have any, just ask us! You can do so on the product’s description page under the “Q&A” tab. We’ll answer them as fast we can.

We ship orders over $89 for free, so keep this in mind as you fill your cart. Whenever you are ready, place your order. We will be sure to have it shipped out as soon as we can. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk.