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You upgrade everything else on your bike, so why not your headlights? You’ll upgrade your wheels, you’ll grab some new saddlebags. You might throw on a new exhaust, you might give it a new paint job. These are all aftermarket additions that will improve either your bike’s performance or aesthetic, and new headlights are no exception! They’ll do more than just look great. They’ll shine fantastically bright, meaning you’ll see even better than before, and you’ll be seen even better than before. Both of these would be good things, and both would be possible with the addition of pathfinder LED headlights to your motorcycle! Pathfinder LED headlights are high quality lighting options for motorcycles of all shapes and sizes, whether you are going to put them on a brand new bike or a project you’ve been hiding in your garage, these headlights would serve you well.

These headlights come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and tints. They also make turn signals, license plate bulbs, and tail lights. Unfortunately, despite all of the great options, there is no guarantee that all will fit your bike! But, don’t worry. Finding the right bulb is easy thanks to our handy little search engine. At the top of the page, where it says “Find Parts Fast”, put in your bike’s make, model, and year. We’ll show you the perfect LED headlight for your Harley.

These headlights are great, but they won’t do a lot of good without the appropriate mounting bracket. Make sure that you have everything you need before placing your order! Once you're sure, send your order our way. We’ll have it filled out and on its way to your front step in no time. Thank you for shopping for Pathfinder LED headlights here at Dennis Kirk.