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Sissy bars have come a long way since their inception. They started in response to a grab bar law in California, but they quickly turned into so much more. They’ve been an iconic feature on choppers and other customized bikes for more than 50 years. In an effort to help carry on the tradition, we’ve put together an inventory with all of our favorite sissy bars for you to choose from.

There are a lot of different aspects to consider when picking out a sissy bar, but the best place to start is with the height. Sissy bars are known for being excessively tall, but that doesn’t mean that yours necessarily has to be. Our selection varies in height from 9 inches to 30 inches giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Choosing a color shouldn’t be too difficult, as we only have two options. Black, and chrome. Both of which should go perfectly with most bike color schemes.

The sissy bars we carry are bent into a wide variety of shapes. Some of them even have an emblem worked in at their peak. From daggers to dollar signs, we have all kinds of unique motorcycle sissy bars that might catch your eye.

It’s important to note that while sissy bars originated as a safety feature for the sake of the passenger, their role on bikes today is primarily decorative. The sissy bars you see here are not intended to support a passenger and shouldn’t be used as a reliable safety precaution. Sissy bars can be a nice way to secure your bag or pack, but not the full weight of someone you care about.

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