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There’s no doubt that saddlebags are the most popular luggage option for motorcycles. They are relatively easy to install, provide a ton of storage space and are, for the most part, out of the way. With so many different styles of motorcycle saddlebags available, there is an option for every bike on the road. As a rider, you just need to decide which bags are right for you and your machine. You need to consider the construction type, the style and also how it will need to be mounted.

Motorcycle saddlebags are constructed in a wide variety of ways. The first major decision to make on this front is whether to choose hard bags or soft bags. The rigid walls of the hard bags make them extremely durable and offer the best protection for your belongings, whether it’s from being crushed, from getting wet in rain, or from theft. The downside is that they cannot be collapsed down when not in use and may require more modifications to be done to the bike before they can be mounted. Soft bags are nice and light and are usually easy to install, depending on the model and motorcycle. They can be removed with ease as well, making it more convenient to take your luggage with you. The downside is that they do not offer the best overall protection and most options are not completely waterproof on their own.

The way your saddlebags look is also important. They have to match the style of the bike, or they will stick out and be an eye sore. Leather bags are very popular for touring and cruiser bikes because of their authentic look. They do, however require more maintenance. Synthetic leather saddlebags provide the look of leather, but require far less maintenance. For a more detailed look, you can choose bags that are studded, have conchos, or have buckles. Sport bikes and ADV bikes look great with textile bags. The textile options are very durable as well. For added security, be sure to choose lockable saddlebags.

One of the most important considerations to make before choosing saddlebags is how they will be mounted to your machine. There are both universal and fitment specific options. The simplest mounting option is throw over bags. These bags use a yoke that goes under the seat or over the fender to hold the bags on the bike. The bags hang freely on the bike. You can add saddlebag support to hold the bags away from the fender, exhaust and tire. Rigid mount saddlebags provide a more securely fixed option. Depending on the shock location on your bike, you may need to choose bags with a shock cutout. Quick disconnect mounting allows to remove the bags without having to remove the whole mounting system.

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