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Motorcycle Rearsets

There is no better way to upgrade the quality of your ride than by installing new rearsets. Aftermarket motorcycle rear sets provide riders with ground clearance, improved grip, balance, and comfort. With Dennis Kirk’s great selection, replacing your pegs, rear brake lever, and gear shifter has never been easier.

There are several significant benefits to installing a rearsets on your sport bike or Harley Sportster.

Aftermarket rearsets typically include pegs that are far more grippy than average stock pegs. Designed with sport bikes in mind, the rugged peg construction helps to improve the hold of the body on the bike. This sure-footing and stability benefits all riders, not just those on sport bikes.

Your new set will also provide you with custom adjustability and heightened ground clearance. Although most aftermarket sets will heighten your clearance to a degree, adjustable rearsets allow riders to move their foot pegs up, down, backwards, and forwards. This proper positioning allows for full comfort and ease on your bike.

As a racer, you know that sport bike rear sets are key. Correct placement on the bike gives your lower body a more stable base. This allows you to clamp on to the bike using your legs instead of the handlebars for stability. This frees up the front end of the bike to do its job properly and increases your lean angle and speed on corners. With this being the case, why not invest in a high-quality rearset kit from Dennis Kirk and increase your speed!

If you’re looking to beef up your bike, you have another reason to check out these motorcycle upgrades. These aftermarket sets were built for racing, so they are far stronger than stock pegs and typically don’t fold up. Pegs such as these, offer another level of protection to the motorcycle.

Dennis Kirk features hundreds of brands and carries motorcycle rear sets from Roland Stands Design, Vortex and more!

Vortex is a well-known, race-proven brand when it comes to aftermarket motorcycle parts. Vortex provides motorcycle rear-sets with multiple levels of adjustments as well as different styles and features. With its race-inspired design, Driven Racing keeps things simple with their rearsets and uses only essential components and materials.

Rear-sets are a central aspect of your ride and you already know that comfort, stability and speed shouldn’t be left to chance.