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There is only one thing better than cruising down the freeway on your bike, and that’s cruising down the freeway on your bike while listening to your favorite music. Here at Dennis Kirk we are all too aware that a little bit of music can completely transform any ride. That’s why we make sure to keep motorcycle radios in stock, just for folks like you.

Our radio selection has a variety of options. From different wattages to shape, size, and input functions, each speaker is as unique as the bikes you put them on. Which stereo is best for you will depend on your bike and your needs.

Total watt output amongst our selection varies from 15 watts all the way up to 300 watts. If you really like to rock out while you ride, you might want to try something on the higher end of the spectrum.

The radios come in a variety of shapes, meaning that however you plan to mount your radio, we should have something compatible with your needs. Do you need some new speakers too? We have some great stereo/speaker kits that might be perfect for you.

Our radio variety can support a variety of different input functions. They’ll take AM/FM, Bluetooth, MP3, satellite, and USB. All you need to do now is find one that features the functions that you would like.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a question on the product’s description page. And If you find that the stereo isn’t what you were hoping, simply use our no hassle return policy to send it right back.

Once you’ve formed your own opinion on the stereo, leave a review behind to help out your fellow customers. Order your speaker soon and our hardworking warehouse staff will do their best to have your order out today.