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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest differences. That can definitely be said about motorcycle grips. Upgrading your grips can lead to big changes, not only in the appearance of your bike, but the comfort as well.

Long rides can become excruciating when your hands start to go numb. This can be uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous. An aftermarket set of grips that are designed specifically for comfort can dampen a lot of the bike vibrations that cause your hands to fall asleep. The Kuryakyn ISOs are a perfect example and have become extremely popular because of their ability to do so.

Depending on your bike and style of throttle, you may need to choose grips that match your specific make and model. This will limit your options a bit. There are many universal options to choose from if you do not need a specific fitment.

Chrome and other metal choices have the widest array of style choices. If you are looking to finish off your custom bike project, you will want to look into these. Chrome grips do not, however, offer the best protection against vibrations. Many aftermarket options are good, but not the best.

Rubber and foam grips offer the best in comfort and gripping ability. All rubber ones will need to be held on with an adhesive and generally are cut off when being replaced. Metal ones with rubber of foam inserts combine the best of both styles by having the looks of high end custom grips, but the vibrations deadening ability of a good foam or rubber style.

Heated grips are fairly easy to install and can keep your hands warm during cold weather and winter riding. You can choose between ones with built-in heating elements or you can keep yours stock but add the aftermarket heating elements underneath. Either way, you will be glad that you have heated grips when the temp starts to drop.

You will find the best selection of motorcycle grips at Dennis Kirk. With so many styles of custom options available, you can give your bike a truly unique look. Plus, you will be able to ride longer when your new aftermarket grips are able to significantly reduce the vibrations.