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Motorcycle Chains

Top Selling Motorcycle Drive Chains Brands

The motorcycle chain is the final link in the drivetrain to get the power to the wheel and move you down the street. Choosing the right chain for your motorcycle will help you get the best performance when you decide to ride. It’s also important that you ride with a strong chain that has been properly maintained to ensure that your ride is smooth and safe. There are many different sizes and types of chains and we carry them all at Dennis Kirk.

Standard Chain is the most basic type and is most commonly used in small displacement bikes. If properly lubricated and maintained, a standard chain can actually last just as long as any other. The problem is that you need to be meticulous with the upkeep to keep it in a worthy condition. For a higher displacement machine, Heavy Duty, or HD standard chain can be a choice with attention to upkeep. Standard chain is the least expensive option, which makes it appealing to many riders.

The next step up, and the most popular type, is O-ring motorcycle chain. What makes O-ring chains different is the addition of rubber O-rings between the link plates. The O-rings hold chain lube on to the pin and bushing much better and gives riders much more leeway for chain maintenance. They also help to prevent debris from building up.

X-ring and Z-ring chains operate the same as O-ring, but are a step up in quality. The unique shapes of these high end chains create more surface area for the lubrication to be located. They are the most expensive option, but are the best option for high performance motorcycles. They reduce the friction the most and will keep your chain in top shape longer.

For those of you who want to add a little flair to your drivetrain, we carry colored chains to match the factory colors of your bike.

Use our Shop By Ride feature to find all of the chains that will fit your specific machine. Our Tech Support Team will be able to answer any of your questions so you can get the motorcycle chain that best fits your bike and riding style. We have the best selection and deals of motorcycle drive chains at Dennis Kirk.