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Your motorcycle brake and clutch lines operate by transferring a consistent amount of fluid when the lever is squeezed to engage the components on the other end. If there is any damage or deformation to the lines, you will see a drop-off in the performance of the brakes or clutch. Regular rubber lines can swell over time from being heated while under pressure. This can lead to a loss in pressure and produce the feeling of a spongy lever. These lines can also dry and crack over time and start to leak fluid. You can choose to replace the lines with the same style of rubber line. They can last a very long time, but are not the best option for performance and style.

Braided motorcycle brake lines and clutch lines are the best choice when performance and style are important. Because the line is braided, it is not able to swell like normal rubber lines, even under extreme conditions like racing. You can experience a more consistent feel on the lever with braided lines. They also offer better protection against abrasions that could be caused by the line rubbing on other components. Plus, braided lines just look a lot better. Offered in stainless, chrome plated, black and other colors and finishes, braided can give your bike a custom look that standard lines just can’t provide.

If you are building a custom bike, there are a few different options that you can take. The first is if you are replacing the handlebars with ones that are taller or shorter, to use finished line kits, like an ape hanger kit. You can find kits that have all of the correct length lines to accommodate the different height of the bars. For an even more custom approach, you can use build your own brake and clutch line kits. These kits have a wide assortment of fittings, clamps, and lines so that you can build the exact line that you need for your custom motorcycle.

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