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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 99
Motorcycle tank bags provide and excellent source of storage that is normally not found on many bikes. They are extremely popular with sport bikes, ADV bikes and dirt bikes because they do not affect the side-to-side geometry of the machine. But they can also be used on any style of motorcycle by any rider looking to increase storage. The location of the bag allows you to have instant access to important gear without having to get off of the bike. This is perfect for spare gloves, devices and beverages. Some tank bags even have built in device and map pockets on top so that you can have access to directions right in front of you. Motorcycle tank bags range in sizes from ones small enough only to hold a wallet to ones large enough to pack all of your road trip essentials and everything in between.

There are two main mounting options for motorcycle tank bags. The first uses the traditional method of using straps. The biggest advantage of the strap mounted bags is that they are extremely secure. Some tank bags of this style, however, do not include quick-release clips, which can make dismounting them a bit more difficult. Also, if the straps become loose, the buckles can begin to rub and scratch the tank. The second option is magnetic tank bags. Strong magnets are located in the mounting flaps of the bag and hold strong to steel tanks. Because there are no straps, magnetic bags can be removed very quickly. One of their downsides, though, is that they will not work on plastic, fiberglass or aluminum gas tanks.

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