Motorcycle Exhaust Baffles & Repack Kits

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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 190
Motorcycle exhaust baffles are not only necessary to control the decibel level being emitted from the exhaust, but they also provide the backpressure necessary for an engine to perform at its peak ability. Baffles accomplish both tasks by restricting the airflow at the end of a muffler or pipe. Exhaust baffles are metal tubes that consist of many perforations and are inserted into the end of the muffler. The perforations in the tube slows the airflow, resulting in the added backpressure and noise reduction. Fiberglass packing can be added around the baffle to muffle the exhaust sounds even more.

After being ran for some time, baffles for motorcycle exhaust and the packing around them will deteriorate. This will result in a louder exhaust and a potential loss in power and performance. Replacement baffles and repack kits are available and can be installed with ease to bring your exhaust sound and performance back to where it belongs. Quiet baffles are available if you want to lower the sound level of your system. This is a popular choice for those who ride through populated and sound restricted areas. Straight through baffles provide less restriction and produce a much louder exhaust note.

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