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When serious riders want serious performance from their engine, they look to Moto Tassinari reed valves. Founded in 1995 and based in New Hampshire, they have become recognized the powersports world over for their V Force reed valve systems, along with intake boots, reed petals and other components. With Product of the Year awards from multiple organizations, Every part Moto Tassinari makes is dyno-tested and real world-tested, and when it arrives on our shelves, it’s already been proven at the highest levels of competition.

For riders with two-stroke engines, V Force reeds just can’t be beat, and we have a number of Moto Tassinari V Force 3 reed systems for motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs. Engineered to increase airflow efficiency, the V Force 3 has twice as much reed tip surface as a conventional design, along with a unique shape. This reduces travel and accelerates the air mixture flowing through your engine, increasing horsepower and throttle response at any RPM level. In addition, a screw-free design allows for quick changes, while never worrying about a loose screw piercing your engine.

If you have four-stroke power under the hood, the Moto Tassinari Tunable Intake System will accelerate your ride to even greater heights. Built using their AIR4ORCE tunable reed intakes, this custom system allows you to tweak the velocity stacks as you ride, allowing you to match the power profile to the track or to your preferences. Adjust the longer stack for better bottom-range power, or tune the shorter stack for better response at high RPMs. All of our Moto Tassinari intake systems include clamps and gaskets needed for easy installation.

Our fitment tool makes it easy to find the Moto Tassinari parts that fit our ride’s make, model and year. Even the best intake systems need maintenance, and we also carry replacement reed petals and intake boots to freshen up your system. We make it easy to upgrade your intake with no-hassle returns and free same-day shipping on any order over $89, so you can feel that extra boost whenever you hammer down.