Moose Racing Boots

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Dennis Kirk has the Moose racing boots you want at the prices you expect. We have a large selection of Moose MX boots and socks, as well as boot parts such as buckles and straps.

Moose Motocross boots are designed to give the best comfort and protection for all offroad riders. These motocross boots give the rider ultimate grip to the machine for greater control. Moose motocross boots also are made to be highly abrasion resistant so they will last longer. They also are very resistant to heat so you won't fry your legs when you are pinching your legs to the bike.

For the maximum protection and comfort from your Moose racing boots, it is important to make sure you get the proper fit. If the boots are too loose, your feet can be twisted and hyperextended in an unnatural way. These Moose boots will still allow your foot to pivot naturally for shifting and braking.

For added comfort, Moose socks worn inside the motocross boots will help wick away moisture to keep your feet dry when you're working hard on the track.

After you have picked out the perfect Moose motocross boots, head on over to our Moose Racing brand page to see the huge line of ATV and Dirt Bike gear and accessories from Moose.