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ATV Attachments Guide

Find the right attachments for your needs

When work needs to be done around your property, a small tractor may be your machine of choice but it doesn't have to be. With the right attachments and implements, you can turn your ATV or UTV into the workhorse that you need. The advancements in ATV implements over the past few years have made it very possible for you to manage your small fields, food plots and yard work without the need of a tractor. In some cases, an ATV can actually outperform a tractor. Atv Rear Trunk

Where your All Terrain Vehicle really excels is in those hard to reach areas. Food plots and hard-to-reach back-forty fields are often too remote to get to with a tractor. The only way to reach these areas with the necessary implements is by ATV or UTV. For yard work, a tractor can just be overkill and a lawn tractor doesn't have enough power to get the job done. Your ATV can be your best bet for tasks like hauling logs and spreading grass seed among other yard duties.

The list of ATV/UTV implements is continually growing, but below are some key players that can get you started on managing your property with your wheeler.


An ATV winch can be one of the most versatile implements that you add to your wheeler. The most common use for your winch is to pull your machine out when it gets stuck. The winch cable can be connected to a stable anchor point like a large tree. As the winch winds the cable in, it should be able to pull you out depending on how stuck you are and what the load rating is on the winch.


Another common use for the winch is using it to operate a snow plow. The winch is probably your best option for this duty. Manually lifting the plow can get tiresome after making a few passes and it might be downright impossible if you have a very large plow. You can install hydraulic lifts for the plow, but you then won't have the extra functionality that the winch offers.

An ATV winch is also useful for moving large objects in tight places. A perfect example of this is moving a heavy log with the ATV and winch in an area where a tractor or pick up cannot reach. The jobs of collecting firewood and clearing trails can be made a whole lot easier with an ATV with a winch.


ATV Plow

Forget the shovel and walk-behind snow blower. Your driveway can be quickly cleared of snow with the proper ATV snow plow. Plows come in many shapes and sizes, all of which have their time and place depending on the size and type of machine that you have and the area that you are plowing. A straight blade is perfect for smaller driveways, where as a tapered (county) blade is great for larger spaces because it throws the snow further. A v-blade is good for busting through deep snow on the initial pass and can be straightened to finish the pass. You do need to make sure that the path that the plow clears is wider than the width of your ATV/UTV, but not too large that your machine struggles to push it.

An ATV/UTV plow truly is a multifaceted tool. It can be used for other duties as well, even when there is no snow on the ground. Small piles of dirt and leaves can be moved with the plow in the warmer months. The increased friction from doing these tasks might reduce the lifespan of the wear bar and skids, but those are replaceable.

Once the push tubes and mounting hardware are in place on your machine, attaching and removing the blade can be done very quickly. With some plow systems, installation can be done in as little as 15 seconds.

There is some loss of ground clearance with the push tubes installed. This needs to be taken into consideration if you like to take your machine through deep terrain and over logs and rocks.


ATV Spreader

A dry material spreader for your ATV/UTV can make managing your yard, food plot or even parking lot much easier and faster. The Spreader can be used to dispense seed, dry granular fertilizers, pesticides and even ice melting materials. With variable speed controls, you can dial in your measurements to have complete control over your food plots and yard. A parking lot can be completely covered with ice melting materials in no time with an ATV spreader.

Mounting a spreader to your machine can be done relatively easy. Some spreaders are mounted to the back rack of your machine, while others can be mounted to your hitch. Most spreaders can even be run off of your machine's 12 volt system. No major modifications are needed to be made to your wheeler in order to run a spreader and they can usually be installed and removed in a fairly quick manner.


Like a spreader, an ATV/UTV sprayer can prove to be very useful for managing food plots, small fields, large yards and along fence lines. Pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers can be quickly and easily applied with ATV sprayers. Sprayers can be mounted to the back rack of an ATV and placed in the bed of a UTV, both of which require fairly minimal effort to mount. The materials used to construct the sprayers make them tough enough to withstand the harsh chemicals that are used.

ATV Sprayer

Riders have a choice between a hand sprayer and a sprayer with a boom mounted to it. Each has its own advantages in certain situations. The hand sprayer is perfect for "spot" applications where you need to be precise. It is also very helpful along fence lines where you cannot get close enough with a boom. The boom sprayers work very well for applying the chemicals quickly over a larger area. Of course, the hand sprayer can be used with a boom installed for the most versatility.

Tub Sled/Trailer

ATV Tub Sled

The bed of a UTV is great for hauling, but it just doesn't compare to the capacity of an ATV trailer or a pull behind tub sled. Hauling wood, dirt and leaves is made easy when you pull a trailer or sled behind you. If you already have a trailer or sled, it might seem as an afterthought. If you don't have one, you'll find yourself in many situations that you wish you had one.